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Certified Master Hypnotist

Bennett Stellar University,

Sedona, AZ

Certified Life Coach

DreamSculpting Academy,

Seattle, WA

Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

The Society of NLP

Certified Consulting Hypnotist


National Guild of Hypnotists,

Merrimack, NH

Certified Weight Management Consultant

Lifestyle Weight Management Program,

Litchfield Park, AZ

Certified Stress Reduction Facilitator

National Guild of Hypnotists,

Merrimack, NH

Certified Expert Hypnotherapist

Australian Hypnotherapists Association

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Bennett Stellar University,

Sedona, AZ

Certified Hypnotist in Instand and Rapid Induction

Atlantic Board of Hypnosis,

Baltimore, MD

Certified Professional

Conversational Hypnotist


San Diego Street Hypnosis Challenge

Hypnosis Training Group,

San Diego, CA

Impromptu Hypnosis Change Work Training

The Head Hacking Team,

London, England

Certified Stage Hypnotist

Stage Hypnosis Center,

Las Vegas, NV

Safe on Stage Hypnosis

Safety Certification

Hypnosis Safety Advisory Board,

​​​​​​​Las Vegas, NV

About Keith Haddrill ...

As a Trainer and Speaker:

Keith Haddrill has been professionally educating, engaging, entertaining, and enlightening audiences all over the world since August of 1990.

In Corporate and Association Platforms:

His corporate speaking/training client list includes Microsoft, Boeing, Playtex, General Electric, Edward Jones, Chevrolet, Nestlé Purina, and many others.

His corporate training topics are stress management, team communication, weight management, and conflict resolution.

He has shared the stage with such speaking celebrities as Mark Victor Hansen (Co-Creator of "Chicken Soup for the Soul"), Brian Tracy, Irving R. Levine, Jeff Dunham, Robert G. Allen (Nothing Down Real Estate), and President George W. Bush (just to name-drop a few).  He even celebrated the 4th of July once with Senator Bob Dole.

In Public Seminars and Events:

Keith conducts public classes in weight loss and stress management.

In Education:

He has motivated thousands of kids to read books and stay away from drugs in hundreds of schools nationwide.

His high school programs are "Timelines" (making empowering choices for your future), and "Words Change Worlds" (recovering from being bullied and/or being a bully).

As a Coach and Consultant:​​​​​​​

Keith has coached to countless individuals, from kids to top executives, to achieve their goals and dramatically improve many different facets of life.

He is a highly trained expert on the mind, human behavior, and self-limiting beliefs; he has been on his own journey of overcoming emotional pain and self-limiting beliefs, and his life experience is off the charts.  In other words, Keith has a vast array of knowledge, experience, and skills to help people succeed in whatever avenue they desire.

​​​​​​​As a Clinical Hypnotist and NLP Master:

From an early age, Keith has been fascinated by how the mind works and how our thoughts direct our lives because he has been on his own journey of healing from childhood emotional scars.

He was first hypnotized while in college at a magic seminar.  That experience spawned his life-long interest in the art and science of how hypnosis works.  Since then, Keith has been trained and certified by some of the best instructors in the world.  His philosophy of continuous training and updating ensures that his skills are always state-of-the-art.

By combining hypnosis with the power of NLP, Keith has a wide array of techniques to draw upon when helping individuals overcome challenges and achieve goals.

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"You Are Just A Few Key Thoughts Away From A Better Life."

- Keith Haddrill -

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